Revelstoke Ready

There are times when events whether natural or man-made can slow us down or even prevent our businesses from continuing without interruption.

Preparing for these interruptions will provide you with the information needed to manage the best you can, in whatever circumstance, no matter what the cause.

How can you do this? We invite you to sign up for the Revelstoke Ready program and get your business Ready for any situation that arises. 

So, what COULD go wrong in Revelstoke?

  • Road Closures
  • Utility Outages
  • Local Fire
  • Wildfires
  • Train Derailment
  • Pandemic
  • Flooding
  • Cyberattack/Fraud/Theft

You will find everything your business needs to prepare for what we hope will never happen.
You will find:

Preparedness checklists
Fillable worksheets

Lists of supports and more

We all want what’s best for our business.

So let’s get you… Revelstoke Ready!

Our program offered two session in November 2023, in partnership with the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce.
Thanks to all that attended. 

We will be back April 2024 with more dates! 

Have questions? Email us at startup@revelstokecf.com

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How to prepare before the unthinkable happens

There are some simple yet critical steps you need to do to be prepared for that ‘in case’ it happens moment. Go through the below steps to be Revelstoke Ready.

Step #1 ‘Grab & Go’ Kit

Have your ‘Grab & Go’ Kit somewhere easy to access with that will have all the information you will need for any emergency situation.

Step #2 Critical Business Information

This is your list of contacts that are essential such as your staff, suppliers and any other business/person you would need to contact in case of an emergency.

Step #3 Insurance

It’s very important to have a copy of your current insurance policy in your ‘Grab & Go’ Kit. Making sure you have the correct coverage is just as important. See the below ‘Insurance’ form to make sure you are covered.

Step #4 Emergency Responder Package

When you are in that emergency situation you might not know who or where to contact what you need. We have created a list to start you off or create your own list with any other emergency services you need specific to your business.

What do I do during the unthinkable?

Your business is facing the disaster and you have your information prepared. What to do ‘during’ this emergency? Below you will find the key and helpful information to have on hand, in your ‘Grab & Go’ Kit.

Step #1 Key Information Sites

When you are in a panic and things are happening quick, you need reliable information with all critical and credible websites. We have gathered up as many as we believe you will need in the below form.

Step #2 Launching Communication

Communication is a key factor with any business at any time, but especially when there is an emergency situation. We have created an example of various types of communication you could use, along with a blank downloadable form for you to create that important message to your clients.

Disaster is finished, now to get your business back up and running

Stop for a moment, take a deep breath. You might be feeling overwhelmed. We are here to help and we will get through this together.

Now we come to the part that is after the unthinkable is done and you must try to open your business back up and hopefully go back to ‘business as usual’. What’s the first step? Where do you start? Below we have just those answers for you, and you will add these to your ‘Grab & Go’ Kit.

Step #1 Insurance Process

You must go back to your business and access the damage, even if it is minimal. What’s first? When do you contact your insurance company? Here are some suggestions for you follow:

  • Access the damage. Where is the damage? ie. broken windows, hole in the roof.
  • Take pictures of everything, even though your insurance provider will do that.
  • Don’t touch or move anything until it has been documented by pictures.
  • Call your insurance provider, even if you think there is minimal damage. Play it safe and call them.
Step #2 Business Supports

You’ve contacted your insurance provider but need something more for your business. We have many business supports that are local and are here and willing to help out in any way they can. 

Revelstoke Business Resources

Step #3 Mental Wellness Supports

You have made steps to take care of your business. Now it’s time to take care of you. Yes, YOU are very important and making sure your mental wellness is being looked after is essential to keeping your business going forward. Please visit the RevelstokeLife site below for local resources.


Other Resources

There might be other resources you may need for your business so we have a list of those helpful websites below: