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How to Launch Your Product in Today’s World

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COVID-19 has spurred many changes affecting retail in BC, from disruptions to the supply chain to online shopping becoming more prevalent. At the same time though, initiatives like Shop Local and the transition of brick and mortar businesses to e-commerce are taking place. Now may be the best time for you to connect with retailers, […]

How to Bring Clarity and Coherence to Your Team

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Somewhere along the path of launching and running your business is a stage where you take a step back to set a coherent, clear, and consistent path to bring into alignment what you think, how you lead, and how your team works. Learn how to develop an effective team perfectly aligned with your company’s vision […]

Setting Personal and Professional Boundaries

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The pandemic has changed the way we live and work, and the nature of our relationships. Knowing how to set healthy boundaries is a skill that’s more important than ever. How do I end my workday when I work from home? How do I discuss my COVID comfort level with family and friends? How do […]