Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP)

The Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) is a business loans program that reduces obstacles that people with disabilities or ongoing health issues may face when looking for financing.  The program began in 1997 through funding from Western Diversification and the support of the Community Futures network.  In 2006 the EDP was expanded to provide specialized assistance directly to rural entrepreneurs with disabilities.  At Community Futures we believe that managing ongoing health or disability issues should not be a barrier to business success.

This program is designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs with disabilities or ongoing health conditions to pursue their business goals by providing access to a network of business professionals and resources.  Self-employment provides flexible hours, personalized work environments and economic inclusion for individuals who have a viable business idea and are ready, willing and motivated to run their own business.

The program offers assistance with developing a business plan, business training, business coaching and business loans.

To qualify for the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program you must:

  • Have a self-declared disability and/or have been assessed as having a disability.
  • Have a business idea
  • Have experience in the proposed business ie. turning a hobby into a business.

    If you live in rural BC and need a loan or help to start or grow your business, ask us about EDP.  To learn more and apply to participate, please visit here.