After reaching an audience of almost a 1,000,000 locally motivated shoppers this past spring, the #BuyBasin Festival is back!

With 90% of #BuyBasin participants reporting a positive impact in locals supporting local business, Columbia Basin Trust is once again partnering with FestivalSeekers and the Basin Business Advisors Program to host the #BuyBasin Festival, featuring 100 local businesses who will showcase their products and services on social media.

This is your chance to get in on what you missed… or to give it another go!

You’re invited to participate with a webinar series to increase your online presence and capitalize off the #BuyBasin Festival buzz.

Up to 100 new or returning businesses can also apply for free feature spot in the #BuyBasin Festival – Fall Edition which includes one-on-one coaching to go live on social media.

The first step is to register for the Get Noticed webinar offered September 28 or 29. https://ourtrust.org/grants-and-programs-directory/buybasin-festival/

Apply for a spot in the #BuyBasin Festival now, and secure your place this October. https://ourtrust.org/grants-and-programs-directory/buybasin-festival/