You spoke and we listened!  You wanted a more self-directed workshop. How about this one on resilience in the workplace?

These sessions will cover why it’s important for entrepreneurs to know about resilience and how this relates to your own mental well-being.  Contact Stacie to receive your own self-assessment to identify how self-resilient you are and then work on the tools provided in these videos to grow your resilience.  You’ll get to polish off some old coping strategies and learn new ones to carry you through what is looking to be a very difficult winter season.


Workplace Resiliency Workshop – Part 1

Download the Workplace Resiliency Worksheet to use as you go through the video and also to give us feedback. This will help us create content that is for you…the entrepreneur.


Workplace Resiliency Workshop – Part 2

Download the Workplace Resiliency Worksheet Part 2 as a learning tool to use with the video and to give us you valued feedback.


Workplace Resiliency Workshop – Part 3

Download the Workplace Resiliency Worksheet Part 3 to use with the activities presented in the video.

Complete the last page and send to Stacie to share your valuable feedback.