Seniors volunteer coordinator ‘blown away’ by generosity of time & spirit

The volunteers of Revelstoke never cease to amaze me with their ability to give of their time and their hearts to others in our community. As a volunteer coordinator in our community I am involved with volunteers on a day to day basis and am consistently ‘blown away’ by their generosity of time and spirit. The programs I coordinate through the Revelstoke Seniors Centre are a shining example of what volunteerism is all about.

Our 18 Volunteer Medical Transportation drivers are kept extremely busy these days making sure that our clients can meet their medical needs by driving those, who have no other options, to out of town medical specialist appointments or for medical testing. These drivers give their time and the use of their vehicles to ensure the people in our community have every opportunity for timely and consistent health care.

We also have 7 Helping Hands Home Services volunteers willing to assist disabled or elderly clients, who can’t afford to pay for these services, with basic snow removal and yard maintenance needs. These volunteers make sure our clients have safe entry and exit to their homes in winter and pride in their yards during the summer, it also gives them the ability to stay in their homes as long as possible.

The Helping Hands Shopping Program has 24 volunteers who assist infirm or housebound individuals with their shopping needs should they not be able to get to the grocery store themselves, either on a permanent or temporary basis. The nutritional needs of the homebound are met by these caring volunteers.

Presently, we have 9 active volunteer computer tutors who share their knowledge and experience of the ever-changing computer technology with members of the Seniors Association. Our volunteers enjoy helping our seniors to get the most out of their computers, laptops and tablets.

These programs that I coordinate host, at present, 58 volunteers and although some of them are members of the Seniors Association, many are people of all ages from our community. The Seniors Association itself is run entirely by volunteers and it is very heartwarming to know that so many people give of their time to make the local Seniors Activity Centre such a vibrant, active and vital place in our community. These volunteers give seniors in Revelstoke the opportunity to maintain a very active, independent and social lifestyle.

I acknowledge and thank all the volunteers involved with my programs and the Seniors Activity Centre. Their kindhearted spirits and the gift of their time continue to make these programs available to the people of our community and most importantly, it warms my heart to know that people still care enough to help not only their neighbors and friends, but strangers in need as well.

Submitted by Jean Pedersen

Picture shows volunteer driver, Ruth Boettger, assisting client, Marg Kepler, into vehicle for transportation to an out of town medical appointment. Photo courtesy of the Revelstoke Senior Citizens Association