Revelstoke has a strong history of volunteerism and volunteers represent one of the strongest threads that tie a community together.  As the community grows, continuing citizen participation in community organizations and events is necessary to keep our town the friendly, happening place we all know and love.

Need a Volunteer?

Fill out a “Volunteers Needed” form provided at the front desk and staff will post it for you. The case is conveniently located just off the foyer on the way to the dance studio. Many thanks to the City of Revelstoke Parks, Recreation & Culture department for partnering to make this happen. If you are a Club or Organization can click on the “Post a Volunteer Opportunity” button below:

Want to Volunteer?

Visit the Community Centre and view opportunities posted on the bulletin board or click on the “View Volunteer Postings” button to view current opportunities:

Spirit of Revelstoke Award

The Spirit of Revelstoke Award recognizes citizens of any age who have made an outstanding volunteer contribution to our community.  The volunteer contribution must be significant:

    1. Having occurred on a regular basis over time (i.e. shoveling a neighbour’s driveway all winter), or
    2. Related to a community organization, or
    3. Having made a major impact on a specific project that will benefit the community at large.

Click on the “Nominate a Volunteer” button to nominate someone for the Spirit of Revelstoke Award: