Spirit of Revelstoke

The Spirit of Revelstoke program recognizes citizens who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to our community.   Award recipients will be honored with a personal letter from the Mayor of Revelstoke and a small token of appreciation. Names of recipients will be published in local media. Your nomination will remain confidential.

See Nomination Form Below

Award Criteria

  • The volunteer can be any age.
  • The volunteer contribution must be significant:
    Having occurred on a regular basis over time (i.e. shoveling a neighbour’s driveway all winter)
  • Related to a community organization
  • Having made a major impact on a specific project that will benefit the community at large.

If you have any questions about the criteria or the submission form, please contact Brooke Burke at

Nomination form deadline is 4:00 pm on November 12, 2019.

Spirit of Revelstoke – Nomination Form 2019

2018 Spirit of Revelstoke Winners


Angie Threatful, Sarah Benoit, Gilliam Hewitt, Columbia Valley Skateboard Association (Aaron Orlando, Chris Payne, Karl Jost, Mat Rebelo, Matt Rebelo, Jana Thompson, Carol Dolliver, Nancy Martin, Gwynne Battersby, Phyllis Floyd, Ken Campbell, Kathy Inskster, Chriss McMillan, Heather Pratt-Johnson, Meghan Tabor.

2017 Spirit of Revelstoke Winners

2017 Spirit Winners








Rob Buchanan, Matt Yaki, Graham & Wendy Harper, Brad Binnington, Uri Naprstek, Carolyn Johnston, Kathleen Bailey, Fransizka Widmer, Jill Holloway, James MacDonald, Diana Bostock, Vanessa Ward-Simpson, Karrie Donato, Clayton & Marly McAstocker, Pam Doyle,  Randy Driediger, Laurel Corrigan, Kate Lafreniere, Brian Gadbois, Chris Bowerman, Colten Hollenburg, Jeff Acton, Joe Painter, Andres & Mika Sheppard.  Not pictured – Shaun Aquiline, Ron LaRoy.

2016 Spirit of Revelstoke Winners

Spirit of Revelstoke Winners







Robert Okamura, Randy Gribble, David Pearson, Mark Tottenham, Andy Pfeiffer, Megan Cottingham, Raine Carnegie, Brian Sumner, Carolyn Campbell, Judy Minifie, Peter Zmaeff, Terry Sutherland, Fern Foat, Ken Campbell, Sharon Cain, Keri Knapp, Wendy Larson, Stevn Hui, Mandy McQuarrie, Dan Hawker, Lori Milmine, Murdoch Tegart, Helen Kondos-Sheppard, Kendra Von Bremen, Ann Quinn, Chris MacMillian.