Revelstoke Tech Survey

The City of Revelstoke invites to complete this survey you to help us support and grow the tech sector in Revelstoke.

Do I qualify as tech worker?

For the purposes of this survey we define tech workers as individuals that either produce or make extensive use of technology, regardless the industry. The Brookfield Institute distinguishes between two groups among tech occupations – digital occupations and high-tech occupations:

+ Digital occupations are those which typically contribute to the development of computer hardware or software solutions (i.e., software developers or technology architects).

+ High-tech occupations, require advanced technical skills in which computers are used as a means to other ends (i.e., engineers, graphic designers or scientists).

Whether you’re in Revy for 6 months or permanently, working locally or remotely, we’d love to hear from you. Many of you may have participated in the last survey in 2018, but as a growing number of people make the transition to working remotely, we are predicting these numbers to have risen significantly.

Canada is home to a large, growing and diverse tech workforce and ensuring its continued growth is vital for Canada’s economy. For more information on the City of Revelstoke tech strategy and initiatives, please visit Revelstoke’s Tech Strategy document here.

Complete the Tech Worker survey here.


** Deadline for survey completion is Friday, October 2nd **

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