Red Cross Volunteer Opportunities

The Canadian Red Cross is a non-profit humanitarian organization focused on improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. Our organization is driven by the work of volunteers and in British Columbia they allow us to provide important services such as the Health Equipment Loan Program(HELP) and Emergency Management(EM) services.

We are currently actively recruiting and Engaging volunteers for these two programs and during COVID-19.

Our Health Equipment Loan Program(HELP) works out of 70 depots across the province to loan health equipment on a short-term basis( from crutches and bath chairs to advanced equipment including lifts and beds). We are looking for Client Services Volunteers to support this amazing work.

Our Emergency Management(EM) teams are also continuing to support individuals, families and communities and we are looking for individuals and groups who can join our Personal Disaster Assistance Team(PDAT) and Emergency Response Team(ERT)

During COVID-19 we have kept HELP open to the public at a reduced level of operation.  We are continuing our recruitment activities as we are preparing to return to full capacity.

Additionally our PDA & ERT teams continue to provide support following provincial and national health guidelines and we continue to recruit ahead of the ongoing Flood and Fire seasons.

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