New Logo Contest – Spirit of Revelstoke

Help us design a new and exciting logo for our ‘Spirit of Revelstoke’ movement. Here is a brief history how it all started:


The Spirit of Revelstoke project was launched January 31, 2012 as part of an ongoing community development initiative to promote and honour volunteerism in Revelstoke. As we know volunteers are the heart of our community and we greatly appreciate the tireless hours they put in to something they love to do. Volunteerism helps build community, contributes to the ‘hidden’ economy, connects people and deepens our sense of belonging.

The Spirit of Revelstoke award recognizes citizens who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to our community. To date we have had over 104 recipients of this award. That shows how much our community is engaged with helping each other and making this the absolute best place to live!


Now… we need your help. We are looking at giving our logo an updated fresh new look. We want to hear from YOU the community of Revelstoke and how you picture the ‘Spirit of Revelstoke’. This logo will be used community wide, not only for the coveted awards, but for events and other initiatives that celebrate and build this amazing community we live in.

View Contest Details on how to submit your design…and maybe win $500 in cash too!


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