Board Members and Committees

Shannon van Goor

Shannon van Goor, Chair

Jim Maitre

Jim Maitre, Vice Chair

Veronika Stevenson, Secretary/Treasurer

Sabina Spahmann, Director

Melissa Hemphill

Melissa Hemphill, Director

Vice Chair

Karilyn Kempton, Director

Adam Croxall
Adam Croxall, Director

Angus Woodman

Angus Woodman, Director

Amy Clarke
Amy Clarke, Director

Dylan Hardy 

Dylan Hardy, Director

Nathan Bertram, Director

Rob Elliott
City Council Representative/Appointee

Ingrid Bron
CED Representative/Appointee

Becoming a Board Member of Community Futures Revelstoke:

Community Futures Revelstoke is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of local business people who have extensive knowledge and experience of our local economy and represent our region’s population and economic sectors. The role of the Board is to establish operational priorities, monitor lending activity, oversee general performance and be accountable to key stakeholders such as local, provincial and federal governments.

Applications for Board Membership will be accepted upon any vacancies which are be advertised. If you have an interest in joining our Board, please request an information package and send a copy of a current resume to or by mail to: Community Futures Revelstoke, PO Box 2398, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0.
The Community Futures Board Recruitment Committee will meet with selected applicants to discuss membership potential. All decisions regarding new director appointments are made at the Community Futures AGM in June. Periodic vacancies can be filled at regular monthly board meetings on an interim basis until the next AGM.

Board Composition and Representation:
Community Futures Revelstoke strives to represent the region’s population, economic sectors and gender equality. The Community Futures Revelstoke area consists of the City of Revelstoke (population 7,139) and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) Area B (population 552). Community Futures Revelstoke will have at least one director representing the CSRD Area B. There are four primary economic sectors in the region: Forestry, Tourism, Government Services and Transportation (CP Rail). It is important that these sectors are represented on the Community Futures Board.

The Current Board of Directors is composed of 9 members and has the following composition.
Gender equity
One director residing in the CSRD

Sector representation:
Arts & Culture
Small Business
Investment, Banking & Insurance


Loans Committee

Carol Palladino, Chair
Karilyn Kempton
Angus Woodman
Dylan Hardy
Shannon van Goor
Veronika Stevenson

Self Employment Program Committee
Sara Sansom
Rob Silano
Jane McNab
Jill Zacharias
Connie Brothers

Start Up Revelstoke Committee

Dylan Hardy, Chair
Kevin Dorrius
Carol Prince
Ingrid Bron
John Simms
Jana Thompson
Jean Marc Laflamme
Stephen Jenkins

Volunteer Committee

Brooke Burke
Cathy Burke
Jill Zacharias
Kevin Dorrius
Melissa Hemphill