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2017 Annual Report

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Another successful year at Revelstoke Community Futures has gone by.  It would seem that Revelstoke is still changing… with ever growing tourism numbers, a minor real estate boom, a rise in vacation rentals, and more nomadic and permanent transplants seeking the small town quality of life.  While participating in this prosperity, Revelstoke Community Futures will remain cognizant of the new challenges that emerge.

Revelstoke Community Futures had a solid year of lending with 16 loans approved totalling $1,025,575.  These loans directly and indirectly help support 33 full time, 61 part time, and 43 seasonal jobs in the Revelstoke region.  Our Self Employment program managed to initiate 16 contracts.

Roberta, through the partnership with the Basin Business Advisor Program, delivered advice and materials to 32 businesses and reached 42 people through the Me Inc Workshops.  Tasked with a large service area, Roberta easily captured the top spot in the yearly BBA mileage rankings.
We were fortunate this year to be able to add to our Board of Directors roster with first round draft picks Amy Clarke, Adam Croxall, Shannon van Goor, Angus Woodman, and Sara Sansom.  Sara is replacing outgoing Shaun Aquiline as the Chamber of Commerce representative; thank you Sean!  We also added Veronika Stevenson to our Loans Committee.  Veronika, along with Nathan Weston, has been a long time Junior Achievement volunteer.  Sharon Kelly retired from her volunteering on the Self Employment committee after over two decades of involvement.  Thank you, Sharon, for your long and generous service!  This year’s annual general meeting will mark my own departure from the Board of Directors.

Alan Mason, Director of Community Economic Development, also retired this year.  His relationship with Community Futures Revelstoke, for many years, has been nothing short of awesome.  Replacing Alan is the professional and perspicacious Nicole Fricot.  Nicole’s instalment has been met with positivity, head nodding, and high-fives.  Chapeau to the City of Revelstoke for keeping Nicole’s office co-located with Community Futures and the Chamber of Commerce; an arrangement that has historically been both unique and beneficial to the community.

The long list of organizations, committees, initiatives, working groups, and clubs that our Board and Staff are involved with allows our Community Futures group to have a finger on the pulse of community wellness and an ear to the local zeitgeist.  Amongst our current basket of adopted causes are housing, wages, poverty reduction, volunteerism, technology and innovation, financial literacy, and food security.  We look forward to the continuation and creation of projects that orbit these meaningful foci.

I would like to thank all those who volunteer their time on our board and committees; this meaningful organization greatly benefits from your direction and commitment. And, I would like to express my appreciation for the fantastic staff: Debra, Brooke, Cindy, Roberta, Lorraine, and Kevin.


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